Outsourced COO

An experienced COO is pivotal to the success of a hedge fund manager. Whether you are taking the regulatory hosting platform or direct authorisation route, the COO will ensure that your business is robust, controlled, and following best practice.

For businesses that don't need a full time resource, OSMO's Outsourced COO Service provides cost-effective, strategic direction. Offering the full remit of COO responsibilities, OSMO brings the benefit of a full team of experienced buy-side professionals to its clients.

Some of our clients bolster their existing COO function with OSMO's Outsourced COO services. Our broad skill set can complement your in-house resources and provide a non-competitive additional level of oversight.

“We use OSMO's Outsourced COO Service in place of a full time COO. They helped us appoint our service providers and manage the relationships to ensure they all work smoothly together.”

Core services

  • Service Provider Selection
  • Board Meeting attendance and prep
  • Fund Financials and audit
  • Compliance and regulatory reporting oversight
  • Management company budgets
  • Liaison with the investment management team
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